Cebu Recruitment is a leading provider of corporate headhunting and recruitment agency services in Cebu, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

We deliver the region’s top candidates to fill your executive, management, IT, software, and specialized recruitment needs in Cebu, the Visayas, and Mindanao (Vis-Min). As professional headhunters, our business expertise is combined with care, service and passion, resulting in unrivaled hiring results and a first class customer experience.
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Founded in 2010, initially as Manila Recruitment, our executive search and headhunting firm quickly branched out into servicing other regions in the Philippines. Cebu has long been our second largest market, and over the years we have developed an unrivalled database of candidates who trust us with their career moves in Cebu, the Visayas and Mindanao. Accordingly, Cebu Recruitment was born and became a leading Recruitment Agency based in Cebu City.

Cebu Recruitment has now become the first choice provider of professional headhunting and recruitment agency services in Cebu. With clients using us to find executive and management talent as well as rare IT and any specialized candidates for roles based in Cebu, the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

The market for highly skilled talent has become increasingly sophisticated in Vis-Min over the last several years as companies establish larger operations out of the congested Metro Manila area to develop talent in regional offices across the Philippines. The Vis-Min region traditionally started developing mass recruitment agency requirements several years ago when the BPO companies began to open facilities in key cities such as Cebu City, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro. More recently we have seen IT recruitment and technical recruitment in Cebu City and Davao grow as hiring for software developers comes into higher demand across the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Furthermore, executive search and recruitment for managers (managerial recruitment) has also been in high demand as regional and multinational corporations establish headquarter operations in Cebu and other key cities to service the Vis-min region.

As a leading, professional recruitment agency in Cebu, we have noticed that the days of placing a simple job board advertisement and receiving tons of qualified replies from candidates are disappearing. Companies looking to hire no longer have the luxury of quality candidates applying en-mass to their job postings. This is because the majority of the top executives, managers and IT staff and software developers in Cebu and Davao are already employed. In a more competitive market they are already earning strong salaries and are receiving competitive benefits and bonuses. This means there are not many quality, active candidates on the job boards anymore. Therefore, a new approach to find and hire the top talent has to be taken. This has led to many clients engaging the services of a recruitment agency in Cebu and Davao to achieve the hiring results they need.

At Cebu Recruitment we have your specialized recruitment needs covered. Our team of highly trained, professional headhunters has access to our database of over 100,000 executives, managers, experts. software developers and IT specialists in Cebu, the Visayas, and Mindanao. Additionally, each of our recruiters is internationally trained and certified in the latest passive talent sourcing strategies and online tools for headhunters. All of our training has been especially adapted to sourcing talent within the Filipino job market. Each recruiter is also highly networked within the communities of professionals from which they source talent from. They operate and participate in community outreach programs where they provide free career advice to professionals at networking events, via blogs, social media, and personal consultations. For this reason, our headhunters in Cebu are not just viewed as people who “poach’ from their industry specialization, but rather they are viewed as active community participants. This means that when we pick up the phone to call the top, passive candidates for our clients, the candidates answer the phone, and we get results for you.

Our passive talent sourcing capabilities, combined with our commitment to innovation in headhunting methodology and technology, ensures we can reach a further 70% of the market for candidates than other recruitment agencies in Cebu or internal HR teams in the region, who traditionally rely heavily on job boards and LinkedIn. When you add our unique understanding of bigger picture business drivers and our deeply consultative, relationship driven approach, we can ensure to fill your toughest recruitment needs in Cebu, the Visayas and Mindanao (Vis-Min).

We would love to hear from and to see how we can help. Do reach out for an obligation free discussion with one of our friendly and helpful recruitment consultants.

Our commitment to the following is what we sets us apart:

Database & Community

100,000+ Candidates: Executives, Managers, IT roles & experts. Plus unique community outreach programs run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus. Simply the top recruitment agency database ever curated for Vis-Min!

Certified Headhunters in Cebu

A recruitment agency in Cebu City who finds previously hidden talent! We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing, and NOT for using the same old job boards! Our recruiters are internationally certified in sourcing strategies that discover & engage more unique candidates.

Business Driven Approach

We invest time to align a tailored sourcing strategy with your strategic business objectives. The top recruitment agency in Cebu with expertise in multinational expansion, corporate recruitment, plus first hires & growth for tech & start-up companies.

Market Entry Strategy

New to the Philippines, Cebu and Vis-Min? We have been the exclusive recruitment agency partner for over 450+ multinationals, corporations & start-ups entering the Filipino market.  Our recruitment agency in Cebu City specializes in both recruiting for first hires & for growing existing teams.

Each service has a transparent, unique and competitive fee structure and terms, and is delivered by a certified, experienced headhunter based in Philippines

Recruitment agency and headhunting service for all IT, software, digital, and technical positions in Cebu.

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Recruitment agency and headhunting service for all executive, managerial or specialized positions in Cebu.

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Recruitment and offshore staffing service in Cebu, with a turnkey office and payroll solution included.

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We are here to support you
in the 'new normal'

As our Filipino and global clients adjust to the “new normal” of working under the COVID-19 pandemic, Manila Recruitment is here to support. Our team are all working efficiently from home and are fully operational. We are providing our services without interruption at the same standard that you have always been accustomed to. Therefore, we are here to help you with any recruitment need during and after the crisis. We can answer any questions you may have about COVID and job market trends, remote staffing, virtual teams and regular office-based recruitment to help you ease into the new workplace norms. We are here to be your dedicated recruitment partner and consultant during the crisis and beyond. Contact us now or anytime by filling up the form above.

Our Recruitment Service Process

  • Consultation

    A dedicated consultation with our offshoring managers and recruiters . Review sample profiles, finalize the job description, budget & hiring strategy. Finalize space, HR & payroll solutions.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Our offshoring recruiters will run a customized recruitment campaign to source the talent you require. Using the most innovative tech, tools and headhunting methodologies.

  • Candidate Presentation

    Within 1 to 2 weeks we’ll initially present 4 highly qualified / vetted candidates ready to interview. Included: candidate CV, assessment, salary/benefits, availability & offer requirements.

  • Candidate Interviews

    We’ll arrange all candidate interviews for you. You can choose remote or in-person interviews. We’ll collect feedback and assist at every stage. More candidates can be presented if needed.

  • Job Offer

    We are here to help you structure an offer and staff management solution that works. We can help negotiate, structure, write and present the offer depending on your needs.

  • Employee Engagement

    We will handle all HR and payroll requirements. Plus ensure things are working out long-term. If needed, we’ll replace the employee at no extra cost as part of our guarantee to you.
Don't just take our word for it, see some of our
Client Testimonials

Recruitment of 2D Animation Roles and Unity C# Developers

"We recently decided to set up a development base in the Philippines and started working on building a team with Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment. From the start the team were very helpful, giving us good guidance and realistic opinions on what would be possible. Over the past four months we have successfully recruited a core team who I am delighted with. During that process I myself have never needed to leave the UK. I can thoroughly recommend Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment as an excellent way forward for anyone considering establishing a whole team or for filling highly technical roles in the Philippines. They are good people doing a great job".

- David Morgan
CEO, David Morgan Education


Recruitment of a Project Manager, Quality Analyst, Mobile Hybrid Developers and JAVA Developers

"HaelthTech couldn't be more satisfied with Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment for their work in providing us with the Software manpower we were looking for in the Philippines. They work to provide us the best candidates to interview. It was done in a timely fashion, and through it all, we were routinely updated on the progress".

Grace Legaspi
HR Manager, Haelthtech Philippines


Recruitment of a Project Manager, Quality Analyst, Mobile Hybrid Developers and JAVA Developers

"HaelthTech couldn't be more satisfied with Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment for their work in providing us with the Software manpower we were looking for in the Philippines. They work to provide us the best candidates to interview. It was done in a timely fashion, and through it all, we were routinely updated on the progress".

Grace Legaspi
HR Manager, Haelthtech Philippines


Recruitment of Ruby on Rails & .NET Developers

"I am continually impressed with all the developers that Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment have sourced for us! Both for Ruby on Rails and .NET. Although I find it difficult to admit, I don't think our team would be as strong as they are today without your help"!

- Alain F
CEO, YouSource Inc.


Recruitment of a General Manager

"No words in tangible reality can contain my gratitude to this one blessed and excellent agency"!

- Michelle Serrano
Founder, Lindela Travel and Tours


Recruitment of Various Technology and Financial Roles

"We turned to Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment due to previous difficulties in finding consistently high quality talent for our offshore services team supporting our global client base for our investment management solutions. Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment accepted the challenge and quickly got involved in learning our business and understanding the quite challenging profiles we were looking for. Now a few months on, we’ve hired several talented people who fit our profile very well and we plan to retain this important relationship to source talent in the Philippines through the great services of Manila Recruitment / Cebu Recruitment. I’ve found Manila Recruitment very easy to work with and I really appreciate the level of involvement, advice and transparency they’ve shown throughout."

Antti Horppu
Senior Director, Client Experience (Asia Pacific) at SS&C Advent