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Our executive headhunters in the Philippines are delivering top level talent to over 450 multinationals, SMEs, and startups in the Philippines.

Our deep experience and passion combine with a commitment to service and results, ultimately delivering the executive talent that your business needs. We achieve this by curating an unrivalled database and candidate community within our executive search company in the Philippines, proven to provide the top executive headhunting results.

Candidate Database

Executives, Managers, IT roles, and experts


Local and international clientele from startups and SMEs to multinationals

Cebu is a rapidly developing and thriving economy.

Cebu is known as a primary center for trade, industry, and culture. Its booming infrastructure, coupled with the growing demand for business, makes it an appealing prospect for local and foreign professionals looking to make the ‘Queen City of the South’ their home. Its BPO, KPO, and IT outsourcing industries are steadily growing, maturing into robust, strong markets. As part of the government’s overall strategy to increase investment and disperse growth across multiple regions, Cebu has become a coveted location for businesses looking to establish large service centers and regional headquarters; while seeking the top talent to fill their open positions.

Accordingly, the war for top talent in Cebu continues. With so much rapid growth, Cebu is a challenging market to recruit in. There is a high demand for talented executives, managers, and other skilled employees. Therefore, both established companies and new market entrants alike are competing to recruit the top leaders for their businesses, always seeking ways to gain a competitive advantage to seek, attract, and retain the top talent over their competitors.

Executive Search: The Hunt for Top Talent

At the executive level, corporate direction is set, company culture is dictated, and the bottom line is affected, making hiring senior executive talent a highly detailed and time-consuming process. In addition to ensuring your executives and managers have the knowledge and skills to help you run your company, they must be a perfect match for your company’s goals, culture, and values as well. To merely have experience in the role and the field simply isn’t enough to guarantee success, which is why hiring at this level can take an extremely long time. Furthermore, you won’t find many of the region’s top leaders on LinkedIn, and you definitely won’t find them through the usual job boards.

Most leaders are not advertising themselves on the market, are not concerned about updating their CVs, and are not trawling through job boards. Instead, they are focused on their jobs and delivering success in their current roles. With this lack of visibility, many founders, CEOs, and HR teams tasked with seeking executive talent on their own are finding their access to talent very limited. This is where a seasoned headhunting service comes into play, and opens your access to the top, hidden talent for your most crucial roles.

Why use Cebu Recruitment?

Having first established Manila Recruitment in 2010, our recruitment agency and executive search firm have since grown, paving the way for expansion across other regions of the Philippines. With Cebu having developed into one of our key markets, it was only natural that a larger focus was established and that Cebu Recruitment was born. With a growing database of over 100,000 executives, directors, managers, IT professionals, and software developers in Cebu, Visayas, and Mindanao, our recruiters are internationally accredited and  savvy in the latest active and passive sourcing techniques and tools for headhunting. Just like at Manila Recruitment and Cebu Recruitment, we understand the local market and what companies are looking for. Our recruiters are active participants in relevant professional and social circles in which they find their top talent. From outreach programs to networking events, on social media, and through personal consulting sessions, our headhunters take an elevated approach and do not merely ‘poach’ for candidates.

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Our executive search includes the following:

  • C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, and CMO)
  • President, Vice President, and Director roles
  • Head of Department, managerial, supervisory and leadership roles for HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT, Software, Project Management, Business Development, and more.

Our expertise in sourcing passive talent, backed by our commitment to innovation in headhunting and technology, guarantees our wide market reach. Unlike other recruitment agencies that rely on conventional means such as mass hiring boards and increasingly mainstream platforms such as LinkedIn to hire, we can reach a further 70% of the job market because of our market mapping, headhunting, and passive talent sourcing approach. Recruiting at the executive level is a lot more sophisticated than the average hiring process, so reaching out to those who know exactly what to look for is a major advantage. Call us and let’s discuss your business and your needs, and we will let you know how we can help.

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Our commitment is what sets us apart:

A unique recruitment agency service model for unrivalled candidate outcomes

Database & Community

250,000+ Candidates: Executives, Managers, IT roles, and experts. Plus unique community outreach programs are run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus. Simply the top recruitment agency database in the Philippines ever curated!

Certified Headhunters

recruitment company in Cebu that does not rely on job postings! We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing. Each of our recruiters is internationally certified in the latest sourcing strategiesand they discover and engage more candidates.

Business Driven Approach

We invest time to align a tailored sourcing strategy with your strategic business objectives. The top recruitment agency in Cebu has expertise in multinational expansion, corporate recruitment, plus first hires and  growth for tech and start-up companies.

Market Entry Strategy

New to the Philippines? We have been the exclusive recruitment agency partner in the Philippines for over 600+ multinationals, corporations, and start-ups entering the Filipino market. Our recruitment firm in the Philippines specializes in recruiting first hires and building core teams.

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