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Our unique approach to IT recruitment has been delivering unrivaled candidate placements for IT and tech talents since 2010.

We achieve this with our expert team of IT recruitment specialists and client service managers, who are proven to deliver the top IT hiring and tech recruitment results in the Philippines.

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As a rising economic center, Cebu has shown incredible promise for local and foreign companies alike. Most recently, those involved in the IT, software and, digital sectors.

The demand for IT and software development professionals in recent years has grown rapidly as international companies flock to the Philippines for huge cost savings when they offshore or outsource technology roles. This sector is seeing larger year on year growth than voice orientated, call center type roles.  With Cebu’s lower cost base than Manila for conducive living and wages, it makes sense for companies to make this move. This progression in the market has made for a highly competitive playing field, contributing to a pool of experienced, highly skilled candidates used to working in diverse cultures and workplaces.

No different from the ongoing war on talent taking place in Manila, Cebu is also in need of local IT and digital experts, software engineers, web developers, and full stack developers experienced in the latest trends and technologies of their respective fields. The increasing demand and competition for top talent, combined with the often niche requirements for skill sets, have made the job market difficult for businesses to navigate without professional recruitment support. The days of simply placing job ads on common job boards and receiving highly qualified applicants are gone. In such a high growth market, employers have snapped up most of the highly skilled talent, and a headhunting approach must be taken to secure passive IT candidates that are not active jobseekers. How then do companies attract the best IT talent when posting on job boards and other traditional methods aren’t working? Where do they begin to look?

This is where we come in. As the Philippines most experienced and accomplished IT headhunters since 2010, our recruitment agency knows exactly how to source and attract the talent you need for your open roles. We are very familiar with the local job market’s behavior and preferences. Equipped with local knowledge and insight, we can help you successfully pinpoint, search, attract, hire, and retain the top IT talent in Cebu and the entire Vis-Min region.

Having first established Manila Recruitment in 2010, our recruitment agency and search firm has grown dramatically, paving the way for expansion across other regions of the Philippines. With Cebu having developed into one of our key markets for IT recruitment, it was only natural that the brand Cebu Recruitment was born. Our strong team of IT headhunters with expertise in the region can introduce you to UI and UX designers; web and mobile developers (iOS and Android); software developers, engineers, and architects; project managers, CTOs, and more. We have expertise in almost all technology stacks, and you can enjoy talking with one of our experts who speaks your language. We also have all of your needs for IT infrastructure and digital roles covered.

With a growing database of over 10,000 IT, digital, and software development professionals in the Vis-Min region, we are able to quickly and accurately deliver screened and thoroughly vetted, first-rate candidates to our clients. Focusing on job titles in full stack, mobile, front-end, and back-end development, our recommended software engineers are experienced in leading and up-to-date programming languages, frameworks, and technologies such as:

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250,000+ Candidates: Executives, Managers, IT roles, and experts. Plus unique community outreach programs are run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus. Simply the top recruitment agency database in the Philippines ever curated!

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recruitment company in Cebu that does not rely on job postings! We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing. Each of our recruiters is internationally certified in the latest sourcing strategiesand they discover and engage more candidates.

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We invest time to align a tailored sourcing strategy with your strategic business objectives. The top recruitment agency in Cebu has expertise in multinational expansion, corporate recruitment, plus first hires and  growth for tech and start-up companies.

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New to the Philippines? We have been the exclusive recruitment agency partner in the Philippines for over 600+ multinationals, corporations, and start-ups entering the Filipino market. Our recruitment firm in the Philippines specializes in recruiting first hires and building core teams.

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