5 Industries That Are Hiring Right Now in Cebu

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With COVID-19 cases still soaring, it’s unfortunate that the Philippines continues to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Given that social distancing, the closure of commercial centers, and other safety measures remain necessary, it’s expected that trends from the past year will remain relevant in 2021.

Companies will continue to work from home, retail businesses are expected to rely on ecommerce solutions, and brands will repurpose their services to meet the market’s changing demands.

Despite all the hardships brought by the health crisis, it’s interesting to know that several industries still experienced growth during this period. For instance, the demand for IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services is higher, so there are plenty of job opportunities in these industries, whether in the business districts of the capital region or outside of it.

To enlighten you, here’s a rundown of the hiring industries in Cebu.

1. Medical Industry

The pandemic has led to increased activity in the healthcare sector. In densely populated areas such as Cebu, clogged hospitals ultimately mean a greater demand for nurses and doctors. However, you should know that job opportunities in this industry aren’t limited to these professions.

Now that the new normal greatly emphasizes the importance of hygiene and sanitation, the demand for medical supplies and cleaning products has also obviously increased. Due to their growing workload, both healthcare centers and medical equipment providers will require extensive administrative support.

With that said, this trend is one of the main reasons clerical workers were 5th most in-demand employees in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

2. IT

The challenges brought by COVID-19 have paved the way for various innovations. Other than encouraging digital transformation across all sectors, the pandemic has motivated business owners to reassess and tweak their setups. Now that most companies have adopted a work-from-home arrangement, there is now an increased demand for IT services.

To ensure business continuity, many organizations have turned towards digital solutions. Since communication platforms, productivity software, and automation tools are vital components of a remote working setup, companies in Cebu are actively searching for top IT professionals.

3. Ecommerce

As previously mentioned, the risks posed by COVID-19 called for the temporary closure of public establishments. Now that commercials centers in Cebu are closed or operating at limited hours, sales have decreased. The good news is the introduction of ecommerce platforms, social media, and other shopping sites has allowed many businesses to stay afloat.

Considering the sales opportunities that the internet gives, more businesses are expected to hop on the ecommerce bandwagon. With 27.2% of the globe’s population shopping online, the demand for marketing specialists, content creators, and digital payment solutions is reaching all-time highs.

4. Business Process Outsourcing

Fortunately, BPO agencies in the country continue to provide job opportunities during this pandemic. Since people have no choice but to stay indoors, the need for remote assistance has grown tremendously. To give you a better picture, over 22 000 call center job openings have been posted for fresh graduates in March 2020.

Given that Cebu is one of the country’s top outsourcing destinations, there is no shortage of opportunities in this area. In a recent online job fair, the Public Service Employment Office (PESO) states that over 1000 vacancies will be made available as vaccines roll out.

5. Real Estate

The pandemic has greatly affected the real estate industry of the country. Due to lockdowns and changes in investor priority, the demand and prices of properties have taken a huge hit. But despite all the challenges developers have faced, it’s good to know that the sector is surrounded by optimism.

People looking to get out of the Metro are starting to research properties in other provinces. Since the Queen City of the South has asserted itself as one of the country’s top residential locations, developers in this area are confident that the demand for their projects will rebound.

To attract potential buyers, real estate corporations need to hire agents, customer service representatives, and other essential workers.

Final Takeaways

With COVID-19 still a threat, companies around the country will have to adapt to the current environment. While government-imposed lockdowns may have greatly hindered economic activity, it’s great to know that several industries have been able to thrive under these difficult circumstances. Thanks to their success, organizations in this sector have provided job opportunities and kept the country afloat.

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